Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2014: Missed the Story?

2014 The Way The World Ends Full Version

Miss some of the story so far? More is coming. The first half has been copyrighted! This is a work in progress which means every few weeks it gets improved and will experience massive editing throughout November/December. The full version is still expected to be published as a novel early 2012. The best has yet to come. The characters have only been introduced, its going to be a long story (600-800 pages). The story has been been written in Michigan, USA; Tamarindo, Costa Rica; and the rest will be written in Europe this fall. It's expectation time of completion from start to end is eight months. I hope you all enjoy the story. The message is going to be directed towards hope and American democracy after a epic natural disaster wipes the slate clean.

Check out the full version here: